Fascinated by so many things

Fascinated by so many things

As my first blog post, I wanted to just document some of the things that currently fascinate me. They all have value, but unfortunately there are too many to dig into in any depth. Such is my life. Too many interesting projects, too little time.


It's the current big thing, and a few weeks I took my first dip into the water by using ChatGPT and then taking this class: ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers. It's awesome and I can't recommend it enough.

Libraries I want to try:

Some articles I'm currently trying to wrap my head around:

Programming Languages

Currently I find myself torn in several directions as I try to decide which language I want to focus on next. Python is something I need to get better at, so that's a strong contender.

WebAssembly is currently the future of web development - and Rust is taking over the world - so coding in Rust and compiling to Wasm would stretch my mind AND be a good skill to have.

Clojure looks really interesting.

Elm would be a great way to learn functional programming in the web world.

So hard to decide.